Just wanted to congratulate all those involved with the production of Blue Stockings! We saw the show last night and were absolutely riveted by the story, acting and singing of the cast. It was a flawless performance and so thought provoking (and entertaining!) We just wished that our graduate daughters had also come along to see it and to see the fight that the women had (and how long it took) for them to enjoy a university education. We talked about it all the way home. Absolutely fantastic! Well done to the Shoestring Company, we’re looking forward to next year’s productions!"

A Member of the Audience

 Best show seen in years - One Man, Two Guvnors. I don't laugh out loud often but this was very very funny"

William JonesInterior Architect

 What a great play. Great production last night from @StamShoestring - still giggling."

Michael KrossSenior Interior Designer

 #Congratulations to all cast and crew for a wonderful performance of #GoodPeople last week. Fantastic show!"

Amy WarmouthTime out