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Kindertransport was written by Diane Samuels. Separated from her German Jewish parents at the age of nine, Eva is brought to England on the Kindertransport with the promise of a new life. Under the care of her kindly foster mother Lil, the young Eval slowly acclimatises to her new life and, at length, believing her parents to have perished in the camps, tries to re-invent herself as English. But memories and fears are not so easily erased. When her own daughter starts to question the story her mother has woven over the years, the protective shell that Eva, now calling herself Evelyn, has built around herself begins to crack. This modern classic about one woman’s struggle to come to terms with her past is told with tenderness and warmth, across the generations and the years. The issues explored remain as pertinent to us today as when the events of the late 1930’s unfolded in Germany and England.

  • Date: 11/12/2017 19:30 - 15/05/2017 19:30
  • Location Stamford Arts Centre, Saint Mary's Street, Stamford, UK (Map)