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Winner of the 2007 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play. David Harrower’s Blackbird is a hard-hitting and challenging exploration of a forbidden relationship. At his workplace, 55-year-old Ray is shocked to be visited by a young woman, 27-year-old Una. Fifteen years earlier, the two had a sexual affair, for which Ray was arrested and imprisoned. As they recollect their experience from both sides emotions of guilt, rage, shame, anger, hurt and love are exposed. Without moral judgments, the play’s mesmerizingly natural script never shies away from the brutal truth. Contains strong language and adult themes, including descriptions of sexual activity. Suitable for ages 16+. Running time 75 minutes no interval.

  • Date: 07/06/2022 19:45 - 11/06/2022 19:45
  • Location Stamford Arts Centre, Saint Mary's Street, Stamford, UK (Map)


Directed by Roger de Toney.

This amateur production of “Blackbird” is presented by arrangement with Concord
Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.