Other Productions

Exciting News! Shoestring has been invited to film a new production for Stamford Arts Centre. Release is on the Stamford Arts Centre YouTube and Facebook pages at 7.45pm on Thursday 22nd October Deep space, 250 years in the future. A small colony on a remote planet falls victim to a fever and calls for help. When the vaccine for the fever is despatched, a young girl stows away on the rescue vessel in a bid to see her brother, but she fails to acknowledge the cold equations that demand her inescapable fate. A Stamford Shoestring Production filmed for Stamford Arts Centre.

Whisper it very quietly; live theatre may just be beginning to find its way back into the wider, almost (but perhaps not quite) post-lockdown world. The first local offering is written by Shoestring member Hilary Spiers and presented by Stamford Arts Centre and Guildhall Arts Centre. Search YouTube.com for Mrs Siddons in Lockdown. OK, it’s a recording of a socially distanced play, but it’s a start! And most welcome it is too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7qR9ELVIvY