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Good People

“Good People” is poignant, brave and almost subversive in its focus on what it really means to be down on your luck and it requires an able black actor to play the part of Kate, a doctor’s wife with a young child and an English Literature degree. The director, Ann Stutz, would love to hear from anyone who might like to know more about the role, the play and this production.

Please email  and we will get back to you. The re-read through will take place in the Rehearsal room in the Arts Centre on Wednesday 13th January at 7.45.


The Shaugraun and Minack 2016:

July 12, 16 at the Arts Centre and from 1-5 Aug at Minack; all members who are interested in being involved in any way with next summer's production are invited to a meeting and a reading of the play on Tue 8 Sep in the Arts Centre's Blue Room.

Auditions will take place on Tue 29 Sep and Sat 3 Oct.

Support needed:

  • Experienced and apprentice/trainee set painters (see below, email Ian Campbell )
  • Front of House: two programme sellers, two stewards. Interested? Please email Jan Campbell

Experienced and Apprentice/Trainee Set Painters

At present, we need 4-5 volunteers in the scene dock beneath the stage.

We start painting at about 0945 and will finish by 1230. Wear old clothes as no overalls are supplied. Gloves are not necessary unless you are allergic/sensitive to emulsion (water-based) paint which is all we use.

Having finished painting and washed out your tools (brushes, rollers, etc.) at the end of the session you might be invited to join the “master builders” of set construction for a libation in The Vaults!

This excellent work experience and training activity will be seriously over-subscribed, so, please email me Ian Campbell to let me know if you will attend.  It may be necessary to put some people on a wait-list if too many apply.


Other support needed:

We are currently looking for support with publicity, specifically flyering and putting-up posters around Stamford and outlying towns and villages.

If you have experience of accounts, you may like to consider becoming our Treasurer.

  • If you're interested in becoming our next treasurer, please contact David Roberts

Our new social media officer, Rachel Mount, has been doing an excellent job promoting us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have an account on either of these websites, please share, like and retweet whatever you see to help get the conversation going!