The Chalk Garden

by Enid Bagnold

Tue 21 Jul - Sat 25 Jul 7.45pm


Mrs St Maugham, guardian of her wilful, sexually precocious and mendacious granddaughter Laurel, wants to recruit a governess for her ward. The mysterious Miss Madrigal is appointed and proves more than a match for both Laurel and Mrs St Maugham whose life's work has been to restore her dying garden where, despite her best efforts, nothing flourishes.  In helping the various members of the household find resolutions for their problems, including reviving the garden, Miss Madrigal is forced to reveal and face up to her own dark secret.

This 'artificial black comedy' enjoyed much success in the 1950s but fell into obscurity until revived to great acclaim by Michael Grandage at the Donmar Theatre in 2008. It was a hugely radical play (not necessarily recognised at the time), dealing with teenage sexuality, abuse, capital punishment and corrosive family relationships, particularly between mothers and daughters. Its psychological insights, despite the ostensibly very traditional Sussex manor house setting, remain highly relevant today. It is witty, challenging and compelling.

Kenneth Tynan said of The Chalk Garden that it  'may well be the finest artificial comedy to have flowed from an English (as opposed to an Irish) pen since the death of Congreve'.  


Cast and Production Team

Would you like to volunteer to fulfil the roles of Production Manager or Costumes and Properties?

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Mrs St Maugham Phil Massey

Miss Madrigal Yvonne Pini

Laurel Ellie Corrigan

Olivia Gemma Larke

Second Applicant Heather Wass

Third Applicant Heather Butterworth

Nurse Heather Butterworth

Maitland Paul Gooding

The Judge Russ Watson

Production Manager TBA

Stage Manager Nicky Wayling

Assistant Stage Managers Heather Butterworth, Heather Wass

Set Design Maurice Waterworth

Set Construction Richard Spiers

Sound Tom Wayling

Lighting TBA

Rehearsal Prompt Ann Stutz, Patricia Kneale-Buxton, Heather Wass

Properties TBA

Costumes TBA

Publicity Ian Campbell

Front of House TBA