See How They Run

by Philip King

Tue 8 - Sat 12 Dec 7.45pm (2 hrs 10 mins including interval)

“See How They Run” is one of the funniest English farces ever written and a period piece that has stood the test of time. It is set in 1944 in the vicarage of Merton-cum Middlewick, a village which is rather too near a prisoner-of war camp! The characters are involved in a plot of mistaken identity and mishaps which inevitably gets out of control.


What Philip King conveyed so well in his writing are the hilarious comic situations and misunderstandings which arise between the vicar, Lionel Toop, and his wife Penelope (a feisty ex-actress), Miss Skillon, the spinster stalwart of the parish, and the sparky Cockney maid, Ida. Added to this potent mix is a desperate German internee on the run, a dashing old acting pal of the vicar's wife who is billeted nearby and the visiting Bishop of Lax. Fast changes of costume and an elaborate chase scene lead to one of the men of cloth dressed only his underwear!

However, the play is suitable for the whole family and is perfect for a pre-Christmas evening at the theatre.  It runs, at the Arts Centre, from Tuesday 8th to Saturday 12th of December. Book your tickets now!

The Cast

Ida, a Maid Vikki Fallow-Norton
Miss Skillon Annie de Kremer
The Reverend Lionel Toop Rob Lynch
Penelope Toop, his wife Hannah Yeates
Lance-Corporal Clive Winton Guy Sharman
The Intruder Simon Bysshe
The Bishop of Lax Kevin McCabe
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey Martin Lander
Sergeant Towers John Padwick


Production Team

Director Ken Walsh
Assistant Director Heather Butterworth
Production Manager Yvonne Pini
Stage Manager and Properties Sandie Parsons
ASMs Helen Eskdale, Laura Driscoll, Heather Wass
Costume Heather Butterworth
Set Design and Construction Manager Russ Watson
Set Construction Members of the Company
Lighting Design Alan Muhley
Sound Tom Wayling
Poster and Programme Colin Plant
Publicity Gemma Larke
Cast photographs Larry Wilkes
Front of House Liz Cullum
Rehearsal Prompts Val Brown, Annie Corrigan, Sarah Gooding
Hair Styling Hilary Spiers