A Doll’s House

by Henrik Ibsen

3rd - 7th March 

Dolls House Poster

First performed in 1879, A Doll’s House, the latest production from the Stamford Shoestring Company, proved to be one of the most controversial plays ever staged.

It is the story of a marriage in which the dilemma faced by Nora, the wife and mother at the centre of the drama, provoked outrage in contemporary audiences.

Today this finely observed and sensitive masterpiece is regarded as the first great naturalistic play, in which psychological realism took precedence over romantic idealism. 

Ibsen said at the time of writing: “A woman cannot be herself in modern society.” It is for the audience to judge how far we might have come today.


Cast and Production Team

Nora Helmer Estella Todisco

Torvald Helmer Rob Lynch

Mrs Kristine Linde Catherine Mellor

Dr. Rank Colin Plant

Nils Krogstad Jack Dawson

Anne-marie Lynne O’Sullivan


Director Diane Watson

Assistant Director Gemma Larke

Production Manager Ann Stutz

Stage Manager Richard Byron-White

Assistant Stage Manager Sally Franklin

Set Design Russell Watson

Set Construction Members of the Company

Sound Tom Wayling

Lighting Alan Muhley, Eric Cullum

Rehearsal Prompt Louis Browne

Properties Maureen Sumner, Heather Wass

Costumes Moira Waterworth

Poster and Programme Colin Plant

Front of House Maria Chandler